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Code of Practices & Procedures for fair disclosure of UPSI
Code of Conduct and Internal Procedures

Code of Conduct & Internal Procedures :

In terms of Regulation 9 of the SEBI (Prevention of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015, the Board of Directors of the Company on 26th May 2015 has framed a Code of Internal Procedures and Conduct for Regulation, Monitoring and Reporting of Trading in the Securities of ESAB India Limited by the Insiders with effect from 15th May, 2015.

As per the said Code the term “Insider” shall have the meaning as contained in the Regulations as amended, and shall include Designated Persons. “Designated Persons” means the employees and connected persons who on the basis of their functional roles in the Company have access to the Unpublished Price Sensitive Information and such other persons as may be specified by the Board from time to time. “Connected person” means any person who is covered under Regulation 2 (d) of the Regulations.

Taking the above into account, the persons and entities falling within the definition of Insider of the Company within the meaning of the Regulations read with the Code are requested to contact the Chief Investor Relation Officer Mr.S Venkatakrishnan or write to his email id venkatakrishnan.s@esab.co.in for obtaining a copy of the Code to comply with the requirements specified therein.