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LPH 80
From the Inventors of Plasma Cutting
LPH is suitable for Al, SS and also for Carbon Steel
  • Faster and economical on Al, SS, Carbon steel below 12mm
  • Cutting starts from 0.1mm onwards unlike 6mm of flame cutting
  • Very safe and convenient on any application
  • No distortion even on sheets below 6mm
  • Savings on storage and maintenance of gases
  • Better quality of cuts
  • Easy to adapt and lesser skill requirements
  • No naked flames
  • Circle and profile cutting accessories
  • Light weight torches makes cutting effortless
Always insist on genuine accessories and parts for best performance
Quality Accessories for the Quality Welder
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Technical Data LPH 80
Mainsupply V/Hz 3x415/50
Fuse slow A 32
Rated power KVA 20
Max output
At 35% duty cycle A
At 60% duty cycle A
At 100% duty cycle A

60 & 40
Open circuit voltage V 310
Pressure bar 4.5-7
AirSupply L/min 118 1
Cooling air L/min -
Cutting capacity, Fe mm 25/35*
Enclosure class IP 23
Weight kg 131
Dimensions LxWxH mm 760x390x845
Ordering information 46F0301 080
* Quality cut / sever capacity
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