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CPRA1200S+SAW Tractor LW
Heavy Duty SAW Power Sources
SAW process produces the highest quality welds at speeds higher than MMA or MIG process. Standard single wire SAW can deposit up to 5 kg/hr and automatic multi-wire technique can reach up to 100 kg/hr.
CPRA 1200(S) is reliable power sources offered with AWM (LW) tractor for single wire SAW applications.
  • Rugged construction
  • Rubberized wheels for ease of mobility
  • For continuous applications up to 1000A
  • Precise voltage control
  • Mains voltage compensation
  • Protection against thermal overloading
Auto Weld Major (LW)
  • Reliable wire feeding
  • 4 wheel tractor mounted with 3m track
  • Up to 1000A continuous application
  • Mechanical pointer for tracking
  • Wire inch up / down
Technical Data CPRA 1200(S)
Power Source  
Mains supply, Ph x V, Hz 3 x 415, 50
Input current at 415V, A (Max) 107
Input power at 60% duty cycle, kVA(Max) 77
Open circuit voltage, V DC 30 - 60
Welding current at 60% duty cycle, A 1200
Welding current at 100% duty cycle, A 1000
Insulation class F
Type of cooling Forced Air
Dimensions, l x w x h, mm 1000 x 800 x 900
Weight, Kg 375
Welding Head Auto Weld Major (LW)
Wire (single) diameter range, mm 2.4 – 5.0 (Standard), 6.3 (Optional)
Wire feed speed, cm/min 50 – 450
Welding current, A (continuous) 1000
Vertical adjustment, mm 150
Horizontal adjustment, mm 150
Swivel arrangement, Deg 360°
Torch tilt, Deg ± 45°
Speed range of tractor, cm/min 0 – 150
Hopper capacity, Kg 10
Wheel center of tractor, cm 350
Dimension, l x w x h, mm 1368 x 410 x 1145
Ordering Information  
CPRA 800(S) 1620652100
CPRA 1200(S) 1621649303
Auto Weld Major (LW) 4621649225
Track for Auto Weld Major (LW) 4621649351
SAW TRACTOR LW IS supplied with 1 set of control cable, 1 No. of Cu 70 sq mm welding cable (each 15m in length) and 1 No. 5m long Cu 70 sq mm welding cable with Earth Clamp.
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