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SSR 400-T / SSR 400-T-Pulse
Fully Thyristorised Heavy Duty TIG
Series are fully Thyristorised TIG / MMA DC power source with built-in HF for excellent professional TIG / MMA welding applications. SSR 400-T can meet the stringent demands of radiographic quality welding needs of nuclear power plants, process industries, offshore, defense, steel plants, thermal power plants, mining, structural fabrications, etc. True vertical characteristics and excellent dynamic response ensure arc stability Irrespective of input voltage fluctuation ± 10% or operator's hand movement to achieve spatter-free welding.
  • Unique Six Phase Rectified D.C. Output
  • True, Vertical current characteristics
  • Higher open circuit voltage
  • Immunity to input supply ± 10% fluctuation
  • Built-in thermal overload protection
  • Single range current control
  • Protection against HF Interface
  • Spatter free welding
  • Effective prevention of electrode freezing
  • Professional TIG welding
  • Robust steel castors
  • Add-on Pulse pendant option
  • HF insulated for TIG and Plasma welding add-on control console
  • Self hold-on mode
  • Hot start facilities for easy arc striking
  • Stable arc with regular droplet transfer
Quality Accessories for the Quality Welder
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Technical Data Easy-Weld SSR 400-T Easy-Weld SSR 400-T (Pulse)
Supply Voltage (Phases x Volts ± 10%, frequency) 3x415V, 50Hz 3x415V, 50Hz
Open Circuit Voltage Volts DC 100V 100V
Welding Current Range TIG (MMA) Stepless Amps DC 5-400A (10-400) 5-400A (10-400)
Welding voltage TIG / MMA 10-26V/20-36V 10-26V/20-36V
Current selection range Single Single
Maximum current at 60%duty cycle TIG/MMA Amps DC 400 400
Maximum current at 100% duty cycle TIG/MMA Amps DC 310 310
Insulation Class 'H' 'H'
Protection class IP22 IP22
(Approx) Net Weight 125 kg. 125 kg.
(Approx) Dimension LxHxW mm 675 x 350 x 690 675 x 350 x 690
Remote RCU -SSR-400-T RCU-SSR-400-T-pulse*
Pre-flow Fixed 0.3 Sec
Post flow Fixed 2-25 Sec
Up Slope control time Fixed 0.2 - 10 seconds
Down slope control time Fixed 0.2 - 10 seconds
Pulse On-time proportion - 10-90%
Peak current -Amps - 5-400A
Base current -Proportion of peak current - 10-90%
Pulse ON time - 0.5-15 Sec
Order code 4640675001 4640675005
Recommended coolant circulation unit Cool Midi 1800 Cool Midi 1800
Recommended TIG torches 4/8M TXH 200 (gas cooled)
TXH 400W (water cooled)
TXH 200 (gas cooled)
TXH 400W (water cooled)
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