Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harrassment


ESAB India Limited is an equal employment opportunity company and is committed to creating a healthy working environment that enables employees to work without fear of prejudice, gender bias and sexual harassment. The Company also believes that all employees of the Company have the right to be treated with dignity. Sexual harassment at the work place or other than work place if involving employees is a grave offence and is, therefore, punishable.

This Policy extends to all employees of the Company and is deemed to be incorporated in the service conditions of all employees and comes into effect immediately.

The term employee refers to a person employed at a workplace for any work on regular, temporary ad hoc or daily wage basis, either directly or through an agent, including a contractor with or without the knowledge of the principal employer, whether for remuneration or not, or working on a voluntary basis or otherwise whether the terms of employment are express or implied and includes a co-worker, contract worker, probationer, trainee, apprentice or called by any other such name.

Sexual harassment would mean and include any of the following:

  1. Physical Contact and advances. or
  2. A demand or request for sexual favours; or
  3. Making sexual coloured remarks; or
  4. Showing pornography; or
  5. Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature
  6. The following circumstances, among other circumstances, if it occurs or is present in relation to or connected with any act or behavior of sexual harassment may amount to sexual harassment:
    1. Implied or explicit promise or preference treatment in your employment
    2. Implied or explicit threat of detrimental treatment in your employment
    3. Implied or explicit threat about your present or future employment status
    4. Interference with your work or creating an intimidating or offensive or hostile work environment for you; or
    5. Humiliating treatment likely to affect your health or safety


A Committee has been constituted to consider and redress complaints of Sexual Harassment. Any person who is aggrieved of any act of sexual harassment can send in their complaints to the Internal Complaints Committee:

  • Presiding Officer - Ms. Meenakshi Annamalai  - Sr. Manager – R&D Filler Metals 
      Email Id : Click here to send mail
Mobile : +91 9840953960
  • Member - Mr. Jaimon Antony – General Manager - HR
      Email Id : Click here to send mail
Mobile : +91 6385151100
  • Member - Mr. N V Raman – Deputy General Manager - Finance
      Email Id : Click here to send mail
Mobile : +91 9840970533
  • Representative from NGO - Ms. Rachel Livingstone
      Email Id : Click here to send mail
Mobile : +91 9884341877


Any aggrieved employee shall make in, in writing, a complaint of sexual harassment at workplace to the Internal Complaints Committee within a period of three months from the date of the incident and in case of a series of incidents, within a period of three months from the date of the last incident.

Complaints made under this Policy will be promptly and thoroughly investigated, and all information disclosed during the course of the investigation will remain confidential, except as necessary to conduct the investigation and take any remedial action, in accordance with applicable law.

If, at the conclusion of its investigation, the Internal Complaints Committee determines that a violation of policy has occurred, the Company will take effective remedial action commensurate with the severity of the offense. This action may include disciplinary action against the accused party, up to and including termination. Reasonable and necessary steps will also be taken to prevent any further violations of policy.

In case the complaint is found to be false, the Complainant shall, if deemed fit, be liable for appropriate disciplinary action by the Management.