Origo Tig 4300iw AC/DC, TA24 AC/DC

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For demanding applications in TIG welding.


  • Designed for quality TIG-welding in all types of material
  • QWave™ – enables AC welding with high arc stability and low noise
  • AC Frequency and Balance control – Optimises weld pool
  • DC Pulsed TIG welding- easy control of heat input and the weld pool
  • ESAB LogicPump – ELP, automatic start of the cooling unit by connection of a liquid-cooled torch• Energy save mode – fan and pump on demand
  • 2-program function – possibility to pre-program and change program during actual welding
  • Easy to use – All welding parameters presented in an easy to understand panel
  • MMA welding in AC and DC mode – Hot start, Arc force, and polarity switch (DC)

Origo Tig 4300iw AC/DC, TA24 AC/DC



Dimensions 625 x 394 x 776 mm
Description or Qualifier Origo Tig 4300iw AC/DC


Description or Qualifier Origo Tig 4300iw AC/DC
Weight 95 kg

Power Specifications

AC Balance 50-98 %
Power Factor at Maximum Current 0.79
Protection Class IP 23

Welding Output

Model Origo Tig 4300iw AC/DC
Welding Output 430 A/27.2VAC @ 40%
400 A/26VAC @ 60%
315 A/22.6VAC @ 100%

Input Voltage

Model Origo Tig 4300iw AC/DC
Phase 3
Voltage 400 V


Gas post flow 0 - 25 sec
Gas pre flow 0 - 10 sec
MCableX 4x4
Slope Down 0 - 10 sec
Slope Up 0 - 10 sec

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