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Our NUMOREX™ offers an effective combination of performance and versatility. It can be used as a plasma, oxy-fuel or combined plasma-oxy-fuel cutting machine. Designed for heavy-duty operation even under the toughest conditions, the NUMOREX™ allows simultaneous congruent or mirrored oxy-fuel cutting of up to 12 parts. The drive system also delivers high acceleration for optimum performance, even on the smallest contours. The NUMOREX™ machine can be equipped with any combination of oxy-fuel, plasma or marking tools. Its crucial advantage lies in its high degree of automation. The NUMOREX™ machine can be equipped with any combination of oxy-fuel, plasma or marking tools. Its crucial advantage lies in its high degree of automation.

Your benefits:

  • Multi-carriage oxy-fuel torches which enable the mirror image or congruent cut possibility for the cut of up to 12 parts at the same time. These stations can integrate all advanced automated devices
  • Automatic capacitive height control which guarantees a constant height between the plate and the torch for perfect cut quality
  • Automatic flame cut adjustment and cut monitoring enables the machine to adjust the flame to the appropriate value for optimal cutting quality
  • Individual and automatic flame ignition per carriage avoiding manual ignition
  • A set of solenoid valves per carriage automatically reducing the gas consumption by switching the torches on and of as needed
  • Automatic flame check monitoring which detects potential ignition failure and automatically restarts the ignition sequence up to 5 times, avoiding permanent monitoring of the machine
  • Different oxy-fuel bevelling heads for bevel cutting of V-, Y-, K- and X-joints, covering the full range of bevel angles from -45° up to +45°, accuracy of less than one degree for better tolerances
  • The cutting height is detected via a responsive sensor foot, giving highly accurate bevel height control of less than +/- 0.3 mm for absolute cutting straightness. The perfect straightness of the part and the exact bevel angles greatly reduce the production time during the secondary welding processes
  • Various robust and precise plasma bevelling heads are available depending on the application. All electrically conductive materials can be bevel cut from -45° up to +45°. Most of the plasma bevelling heads are endless rotating, allowing cutting of any shape many times faster than the oxy-fuel process. The part is cut and bevelled at the same time, avoiding secondary manual processing.

The NUMOREX™ is designed to integrate any or all of the below:
  • Under water plasma equipment which reduces fumes, noise and ultra-violet emissions
  • Dry plasma units to enable higher productivity
  • Precision plasma for laser-like cut quality Plasma cutting systems can integrate a power source up to 720 amps to cut thicker and faster.

The NUMOREX™ can be equipped with an automatic gas console where the gas selection and gas settings are directly adjusted and set by the NCE controller. This feature will consistently save time and money.

Further components:
  • Advanced plasma torch carriages: These plasma carriages are designed to incorporate all the latest enhancements in plasma cutting to provide sophisticated, fully-automatic torch height control together with latest technology in collision protection and operator convenience
  • Marking tools: To enhance productivity, the marking of letters, references, bar codes, bending lines and position marks can be produced in fully-automatic mode before cutting the part. All available marking tools such as powder, punch, arc marker and inkjet marking are available options on the NUMOREX™. The marking sequence is managed by the CNC, which performs all the offsets between the cutting tool and marking tool. The NUMOREX™ is designed for heavy-duty operation under extreme loading conditions. It features a transverse drive with precision rack and pinion, zero-backlash gearbox, AC motors and digital amplifiers. Four hardened oversized steel wheels (two per side) carry the machines weight effortlessly to ensure smooth movement. The drive system also delivers high acceleration for optimum performance on detail work and small holes. NUMOREX™ - the ultimate combination of performance and versatility.


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